May 5th, 2021 / Early Childhood Education

A child (3+) engages with a Learning Kit, for the first time in her life

Our children have never been exposed to play-based experiences and learning kits. We wondered how they would react when exposed to such kits. So we did puzzle boxes (in Bangla) and double-sided flashcards in (English) this experiment, and pleasantly surprised with her intuitive handling of the tasks. Notice her sticky attention span, ability to recover from failures, dexterity in identifying shapes even when inverted, and picking color cues, plus her focus to nail the game. This is proof positive that every child has infinite potential to blossom. Early Childhood Intervention at Vidyasagar Nursery can give a robust foundation for the preparatory stage, from where the child can make a successful leap for the Secondary School. Time will tell whether we are able to make an impact.