MAKING RURAL COMMUNITIES INDEPENDENT.Entrepreneurial programs in Education, Healthcare & Non-Farm Enterprise

We work on delivering positive outcomes in a rural community, instilling belief and changing attitude towards enterpreneurship. By integrating programs across multiple disciplines, we target holistic development of a village. We believe our approach is likely to accelerate behavioral change and lead to sustainable adoption of innovation.

Developing entrepreneurial programs for Rural India faces a last mile execution challenge. Erosion of intrinsic belief and lack of intent are the biggest hurdles for successful adoption of such programs.

Modified Theory of Reasoned Action
Long standing inefficiencies of a bureaucratic system and the culture of subsidy has fostered deep rooted negative attitude amongst people and that remains a key hindrance to adopting new avenues for future growth. India has seen several model-village experiments till date, but there is no underlying transformation framework that can be leveraged to accelerate development at scale.

Our Programs.

The experimental pilot programs currently underway are in the areas of early childhood education, future art and learning alternatives (F.A.L.A.), women empowerment through making artisanal food products and digital delivery of healthcare. Our plans are long-term and focussed on delivering results, that will sustain and pass the test of time.

As our programs expand beyond education and health to cover agriculture and non-farm enterprise, we will be better positioned to leverage the common bridge connecting our foundation with families within a community. Transforming one village at a time , we aspire to realise the Model Village vision conceptualised under Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana (SAGY) (2016-17).

Early Childhood

Vidyasagar Nursery

A community-driven private co-funded model for early childhood education, is the only sustainable solution to tackle the crisis of primary education in India.

Arts & Learning

FALA Creative Space

There is an ever-increasing need to explore alternative educational models, as the learning crisis dominates communities all around rural India and the world.

Digital Healthcare

Uday Primary Care

Access to health is one of our fundamental rights but remains a challenge in rural India. Digital health technologies and frugal diagnostics can solve for this.


Olonkar Artisinal Food

This is an embodiment of the idea that food represents our cultural identity.We are finding innovative ways to revive heritage products while spurring entrepreneurship in the new generation of rural women.

Ways in which you can partner with us:

Offer expert services

As a professional, you may be working in areas of early childhood education, art & culture, public health, renewable energy, or micro-enterprises (non-farm).

We welcome you to partner with us for your innovation projects. We provide residency programs if you are willing to commit your time, pro-bono, for upliftment of the community.

Design pilot programs

We are open to entering JVs with innovation led foundations to execute grass-root level programs in a pilot mode.

Our expertise in deploying state of art technology, creative communication, people management, influencer outreach and creating WOM, help our partners accelerate their pilot program and prepare for scale up.

Sponsor existing programs

We are looking for sponsors who are willing to help existing programs by providing technology and tools and leverage their contribution via cause marketing.

We can help design and execute such cause marketing programs if we find matching sponsors with our programs currently in operation.


Our work is being conducted at Chauddhachuli and a surrounding cluster of 7-8 villages in the Haludbari panchayat of Block Khejuri-II in Purba-Medinipur district of West Bengal.

10 Sq Kms
Khejuri 2 Block
1000 %
Literacy Khejuri
Khejuri Population
Chauddachuli population

Our Guiding Principles

Always put community-first

Be respectful of local culture and design interventions that will be aligned with and supportive of existing community practices.

Design sustainable solutions

Solutions that are economically viable, locally sustainable with minimal dependence on charity.

Be committed Full-time Residents

Integrate with the local community, to understand the economic and social challenges at a grassroots level.

Collaborate with Experts

Invite best-of-breed professionals who will keep an open mind while designing intervention programs.

Remain deeply committed to “technology-for-good”

Stay invested in state-of-the-art automation and communication tech.

Identify Change Makers

Identify & nurture Change Makers for tomorrow, who can replace core foundation members and sustain programs on their own.

Contact Us

Maiti More, ChauddhaChuli, Khejuri 2, West Bengal India 721432

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Phone No.: +91 98330 05675

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