October 15th, 2021 / Arts & Learning Alternatives

FALA 1.0

FALA programme was conceived by Rohini Maiti and her friends from Ringling Art Collage for the KATHRYN W. DAVIS’s PROJECT FOR PEACE. With this project idea we wanted to explore the concept of alternative learning for the rural kids. In the rural areas where kids are not aware of the different approaches of learning, we wanted to explore the unending possibilities that Alternative learning can offer. Our idea was to see if these kinds of interventions can change their learning habits. During the hard Covid times when everything was happening online, to ideate and execute this project will be hard, we thought. Our idea was to change these kids to powerful self learners. IKt was also experimental to us, but the way kids engaged themselves with this project and growed to every aspect of learning was superlative. We realized with just basic support and alternative ways of learning, all of our rural kids can change the world.