April 5th, 2022 / Digital Healthcare Clinic

Miking and Rural Marketing for Uday Digital Health Clinic

The concept of a digital health clinic is still very new in rural environments. To reach out to people in our surrounding villages and make them aware about a newly opened digital clinic is a challenge. So we opted for the old traditional methodology of reaching our patients through “miking”. Everyday our dedicated volunteers embark on audio marketing journey through the rural bylanes, armed with an amplifier, likes and recorded messages. Sharing important informations about the doctors availability, monthly camps for patients etc. In the rural environment we have realized that this tool of repetitive miking helps to build awareness about primary health care. In our foundation, everyday we are trying out new ways to engage with our patients. We have created different styles of posters with doctors availability, with testing fees and coupons as wall posters to make the village people aware about this new digital health clinic. We have many other innovative communication ideas in the pipeline.

Posters created for Primary Healthcare Awareness