January 2nd, 2022 / Community Empowerment

Olonkar Gohona Bori

Gohona Bori, is an exquisite edible food-art from Purbo Medinipur in West Bengal. It’s ornamental shape with designer motifs makes the snack very unique. Made from lentil and quality poppy seeds, using authentic 100% manual grinding and battering techniques, OLONKAR Gohona Bori restores the lost art of making the product every winter. If we look back in Bengal’s rich culinary history, Gohona Bori was a status symbol. In PURBA MIDNAPUR, the parents of the bride used to give “Gohona-Bori” to their daughter to carry it alongside her to her new home, after marriage. It was a common munching experience for the children, too. “Gohona Bori”, itself still is a delicacy to eat. An OLONKAR, which was and is still dazzling with all its glory. A community of women figures out how to manufacture premium quality Gohona Bori at scale following traditional hand-held methods. Turiyo Foundation is spearheading innovation-led programs for rural development in Chauddhachuli village. Olonkar is a jointly funded project between the Foundation and Annapurna Agro Industries.