June 2nd, 2022 / Community Empowerment

Olonkar Range of Artisanal Food adds Pickles to its Bouquet

Traditional Pickles stores the memories of our childhood. In an era where every household in Bengal would indulge in making pickles of all different fruits and vegetables, stealing and tasting pickles on a balmy summer day was the joy of every child. With increasing commercialization and mass manufacturing the regional specialities made way for mainstream products which homogenized the taste of pickles. Olonkar hopes to reverse the trend delivering handmade pickles which made it to the top of the lost in the yesteryears. Favorites like Aamer Morobba which are not available anywhere, or the Bhaja Aamer Misti Achar which is available only in boutique regional stores or at select homes, are now available for all to savor.