July 18th, 2022 / Arts & Learning Alternatives

Rural Children from Bengal discover local folklore - Create Movies & Mixed Media Art

What do you get when you put 20 odd #ruralchildren from India to self-learn story-telling using process-oriented art? Well, here is what we got:

– 5-6 gems of lost local folklore. Stories behind temples, local deities, and mythical interactions with the community.

– A camera crew exclusively made of children, produced 5-6 short films on these stories, shot on portable cameras and edited using Adobe Tools

– Using a minimum of 3 mediums, groups of children handpicked some of the stories and re-interpreted them to create art. We got stop motion films, multi-media installations, and more.

– Most importantly, we discovered children with leadership and collaboration skills. We handpicked 4, to entrust them with the job of taking care of the FALA Creative Space and managing the rest of the children, in our absence.

The sustainability of any program we fund is a top priority at Turiyo Foundation. It was a key factor while designing the Summer22 program at #Chauddhachuli, West Bengal conducted by Rohini Maiti and the team from Future Arts and Learning Alternatives.

As we observed the children we discovered the power of #selflearning #artineducation and more. We learned the criticality of instilling belief about FALA amongst the parents, and concluded the program by inviting them to understand why we did the program, and what their children achieved.

The #creativespace will remain permanently open and accessible to the children. The exhibition will get showcased in a digital avatar at Gallery Art180 in Richmond. Hopefully, we will see more collaborations in the days to come.