May 5th, 2022 / Early Childhood Education

Vidyasagar Nursery Khejuri Purba Medinipur - Journey 2021-22

Founded in 2017, Vidyasagar Nursery had the vision to focus exclusively on early childhood education. With help from a few supportive women from the community, Animesh Das started this school as its founding headmaster. A struggle that lasted for 4 years and saw many ups and downs, finally came to an end when Turiyo Foundation adopted this school. The last year 2021-22 has been transformative, not just in terms of infrastructure, but also in terms of rapid adoption of an alternate form of pedagogy that is inspired by the world’s best. We are deeply engaged with the parent community and urging them to recognize the importance of play-based education and imbibing the maker culture. It is just the start of our journey.