Arts & Learning Alternatives

Our foundation is happy to partner with a Davis Foundation-sponsored Peace Education project designed by students of Ringling College, Florida USA. Our vision aligns with their mission to respond to the ever-increasing need to explore alternative educational models, as the learning crisis dominates communities all around the world. 


FALA does so by creating a community-driven, interactive, and fluid educational model that got recently piloted in Chauddachuli, West Bengal, India, attempting to bridge the gap between schooling and learning. 

A rural community has so many inhibiting factors of growth that it is unreal to assume self-learning to continue without the critical need for guidance, mentorship, and foundational navigation.

The importance of this lies in the need for moderating and facilitating any harmful use of resources and facilities, providing uniquely subjective support to each individual and getting the constant feedback from students to simultaneously improve the framework.


Establishing a permanent ‘safe-space’ infrastructure, was high on the FALA teams agenda to enable the children to continue their unconventional interests, explorations and experiments. Our foundation has now gifted the space dedicated to working on projects and provide continual aid of resources, mentorship and encouragement.