Digital Heathcare Clinic

Access to health is one of the fundamental rights enshrined in our constitution. In India and a large part of the world, billions of people live without access to basic healthcare, health education and public health measures due to a multitude of reasons that include

1. Shortage & Maldistribution of doctors and allied health professionals, including community health workers;

2. Lack of appropriate diagnostic & therapeutic technologies that work in the rural environment;

3. Systemic dysfunction due to infrastructure and administrative weaknesses.


JSV Innovations our partner in Digital Health Delivery in the village of Chauddhachuli has garnered the insight basis their experience in other parts of Bengal that rural people either do not report sickness or seek sub-standard care, preferentially seek private care at a high cost, or report illnesses at advanced stages risking health poverty due to high cost at urban tertiary centres.

Disease burden accumulates in society among the most vulnerable segment. JSV believes that producing large number of trained and certified community health workers & adoption of digital health technologies and frugal diagnostic technologies will become a mainstay of solving the problem of access, quality, and affordability of primary care and public health for the rural underserved population.

The biggest challenge facing JSV is one of behaviour change. How do you make common people believe in a faceless medical system where the doctor is available on a screen. How do you change innate inertia to report health issues at an early stage before it gets to a point that demands specialized care? These are the issues we wish to address together.


Slated to go live by end of October, our Foundation is investing on setting up the brick and mortar facilities for UDAY in collaboration with the digital powered back end of JSV Foundation. Our local research and community engagement will try and solve for the communication challenge and build consensus among stake holders that primary care delivered using digital technologies would work in the best interest of all.