Early Childhood Education

We believe that a self-sustaining private co-funded model of early childhood education is the way forward to solve the crisis of primary education in India today. Community Development is a key part of our solution, as we enable local volunteers to develop their skills as teachers and this, in turn, helps supplement their income. By demonstrating positive shifts in learning outcomes, we will help instil belief in the holistic teaching methodology among the parents and change attitudes of different stakeholders in the local community.

“Our model will uncover opportunities and negotiate challenges along the way. We will collaborate with similar institutions and share learnings and experiences in the days ahead.”

We adopted VidyaSagar Nursery School as our vision aligned with their belief in creating a sustainable venture that serves the local community. Languishing for lack of funds, this was the case of a classic rural school with just one blackboard. We have been working together for a year now, ramping up on infrastructure, teacher skill building and designing an all-new curriculum that will provide a holistic education opportunity to children.